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Craft Beer Week W/ Anderson Valley


PreFunk Beer Bar Boise
1100 W Front St 83702 Boise United States
Ending Craft Beer Week with a bang, Boise Fry Company will be slinging out some delicous burgers.


***Rosy Barl Sour***
This fruity and funky offering was created by aging our Mowkeef Saison in local wine “barls” with fresh raspberries and our proprietary wild Horse Tongue Wheat culture. It has soft aromas of raspberry and dried fruits, a refreshingly tart finish, and a “rosy” glow.
Style: Sour Ale with Raspberries
ABV: 5.7%
Barrels Used: Locally sourced wine barrels
Yeast or Bacteria Used: Saison yeast, Horse Tongue Wheat culture.
Length of barrel-aging: 1-2 years

***Featherleggy Bulrusher***
This unique beer is made by souring our Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout in used Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels for up to 18 months. The acidic and fruity profile is reminiscent of cherry cordials and chocolate cake.
ABV: 5.8%
Barrels: Wild Turkey® Bourbon
Yeast/Bacteria: House yeast, Pediococcus Damnosus
Length of barrel-aging: Up to 18 months

***Huge Arker Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout***
True to its Boontling moniker, “Huge Arker” is a massive force of nature that detonates on your tongue. After primary fermentation, the beer is aged in Wild Turkey® Bourbon barrels until it fully matures. The deep mahogany color is evocative of the opulence to follow. Dark luscious aromas of burnished oak mingle with candy sugar, bourbon and hearth-baked bread. The luxurious flavors redolent of honey and molasses are intertwined with the richness of dark chocolate and the ardent warmth of alcohol, underpinned with hints of coffee, vanilla and dark fruits.
ALC/VOL: 13.5%
MALTS: Pale Two-Row, Special B, Midnight Wheat, Chocolate
HOPS: Northern Brewer

***Horse Tounge Thribble Currant***
Made by taking our Brother David’s Triple wort and fermenting it with our Horse Tongue Wheat culture - all done in wine barrels along with a very healthy dose of blackcurrant puree. This beer is not fermented in a stainless tank and doesn't use brewers yeast at all - only the wild yeast and bacteria strains in our HTW culture. Fermentation in the barrel takes up to 6 months. It's also bracingly sour with a pH of around 3.3. Very cool purple/burgundy color.

***Steinber De Garde***
Wild Bière de Garde
ABV: 6.65%

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