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Craft Beer Week W/ Sierra Nevada


PreFunk Beer Bar Boise
1100 W Front St 83702 Boise United States
Sierra Nevada will be kicking off their Beer Camp Across America Collaborations here at Prefunk. Also Dan Tedesco will be playing Live Music!

B-Town wil do a Beer paired Menu


***West Latitude***

West Latitude combines our Californian Left Coast love of fruity hops with a touch of Hawaiian “aloha” from the addition of hibiscus owers, all anchored by robust malts and spicy rye. This
session beer is light in body but looms large, like the long shadows of a westward setting sun.

Alcohol Content: 5.5% by volume
Bitterness Units: 55
Color: Red
Special Ingredients: Hibiscus flower

***Family Values***

Family Values showcases the cooperation and kin-
ship of Midwestern brewers. It features largely Midwestern-grown ingredients: Minnesota wild rice, Indiana honey, Missouri oats, Michigan hops, and cocoa nibs from Illinois as well as Sierra Nevada’s estate-grown malt. This is our centrally located
collaboration celebrating the best of the Midwest.

Alcohol Content: 8.5% by volume
Bitterness Units: 35
Color: Brown
Special Ingredients: Cocoa nibs, wild rice, honey

***Stout of the Union***
This stout hails from the land of sun, sand, and surf and proves that beach beer doesn’t have to be light colored and delicate. Stout of the Union is rich, roasty, and full of deep malt flavor,
creating a union of like-minded brewers together through beer.

Alcohol Content: 7.3% by volume
Bitterness Units: 64
Color: Black

Pat-Rye-Ot is an “old-meets-new” take on a pale ale
by brewers all located in the original 13 colonies.
It features rye and apples, which were among the
first ingredients used by American brewers in the colonies, alongside bold American hops— hallmarks of our modern craft beer “revolution.”

Alcohol Content: 5.6% by volume
Bitterness Units: 55
Color: Amber
Special Ingredients: Delaware and Vermont apple cider


The city of Moxee, WA, is in the heart of the Yakima Valley hop growing region and this Imperial Session IPA—a style contradiction—honors the Pacic Northwest’s hop-bomb heritage. Moxee-Moron features hops in the mash, the kettle, the Hop Torpedo, and the fermenter for ultra-complex hop aromas and avors in an ironically named package.

Alcohol Content: 7.5% by volume
Bitterness Units: 70
Color: Golden

***Sweet Sunny South***

The south holds strong to its traditional flavors— tea, honey-sweet peaches, and corn grits—so we looked at those culinary cues for this Southern-inspired table beer. With a golden grainy malt body and complex tangy nish from the fruit, tea, and herbs, Sweet Sunny SouthTM is perfect for sultry summer sipping.

Alcohol Content: 4.9% by volume
Bitterness Units: 23
Color: Gold
Special Ingredients: Tea, honeysuckle, corn grits,
papaya, guava peach, prickly pear

Visit the website for the breweries who helped make these beers: http://www.beercamp.sierranevada.com/